Daisy Lockitt, 18 years old England/middlands, single, vegetarian, white/cis/ prefered pronouns; she/her/them



I have a self-love notebook that is very beneficial and nourishing to me. A self-love notebook can be filled with anything that inspires and supports you to care for yourself, or leaves you with good feelings.

It can look different for everyone, but here is some of what mine includes:

  • Compliments Page - When someone gives you a compliment that you like, whether you believe it or not, write it down here. It helps to look back on these later when you are not feeling good about yourself so that you can be reminded of these kind thoughts and the people who have thought well of you.
  • Bath Logs - Baths are one of my favorite ways to indulge in self-care. When I have a particularly nice bath experience, I describe it. Writing and reading about sensory experiences that were positive for me helps bring me into my body in a safe, healthy way.
  • Coping Skills List - Different coping skills work for different situations and triggers. Think of all the coping skills that help you for certain areas, for example: when you need to relax, be grounded, release anger, feel loved, feel empowered, etc. Brainstorming these in one place can help when you are feeling triggered or can’t think clearly.
  • Special notes - If you have certain cards, drawings, notes or pictures from people you love that touch you, include them in the notebook to feel that connection to your heart.
  • Affirmation cards - Write quotes, inspirational words, and positive affirmations that have meaning to you that you can read later when you need to change/challenge negative thought patterns or when you want to feel reaffirmed and empowered.
  • Love notes from Inner Self - Write an endearing note from an inner place of love and wisdom to yourself. If that is too difficult, write a loving letter to your inner child. If it feels helpful to you, you can also include a picture of yourself as a kid.
  • Accomplishments - Take note of every accomplishment that you can think of having achieved, big or “small”.


happy to announce the completion of my new hive catalog!

some collectors have been asking about purchasing my digital pieces, which is super super exciting, so i made a neat little package for everyone to look at. this is happening along the redesign of my website (mollysoda.biz) which i will be redesigning entirely through new hive.

anyway, check it out here